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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finishing Grad School

Here I am working on my final exam for my last course in Grad School! Graduation is less than two weeks away, but I needed info about my work on 23 Things, for a final exam question.

Murphy will be proud of his Mom accomplishing this goal!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Year Later

Checking back in on blogspot for Clarion's LS 500 Info Sources and Services. This is my final day of the course and I am flying high, as I did my presentation in front of my class last night and scored 200 points out of 200! It was a fun time - well, now that it is over! All that's left is the final this afternoon. Yeah! - one more grad class done! Best news of the day is that Kerri and I are headed to Perkasie for a visit and then to the beach. Sorry Murph, Mom will be home in a few days.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

23 Things, Week 9 #23!!!

Some of my favorite discoveries were blogs, Flickr, Gizmo and You Tube. This exercise reminds me how quick our world changes and we need to keep in touch with the latest advances or be lost to alot of new things and technology. The surprises in this journey are when I tell my kids about technology they know nothing about - the surprised looks on their faces are priceless. I love it! Mom knows something they don't know.

Some things were a little user unfriendly. I got through the work, but for a number of items I don't really have a good understanding of what it was and how it could be used. At least this exercise cracked the door into a world I knew nothing about in many instances. It would have been great to have links, maybe on our intranet home page that could have gotten us to some of the basic sites that we used over and over. The lay-out was somewhat cumbersome - rather than going to 23 things and then finding 3 or 4 items to do under each of the 23 things, it would have been easier to list everything in one spot and calling it 100 things to do. There was alot of going back and forth to sites over and over.

Concerning another discovery program I would have to see what it was about and how much time it involved. I would rather see shorter projects and more mentoring. The younger staff have such a technological knowledge and ease of trying new things that many of the older staff grapple with.

I would call this experience interesting.

Murphy, you have been a very good boy to listen to all these ramblings about 23 Things!

23 Things, Week 9 #22

I went on Project Gutenberg and located "Poems Every Child Should Know" by Mary Burt and found that it was human read and there were many options for downloading. A number of formats were offered including; Ogg Vorbis Audio, AppleItunes, MP3 Audio and Speex Audio.

Now even Murf can "read" a book!

23 Things Week 9 #21 and Yahoo Podcasts are the two podcast directories that I looked at, but I found Yahoo much easier to navigate. I found church and sermon podcasts which were of interest to me since my husband is a Pastor. I also looked at food, fasion and family podcasts, as well as some music ones. I came across one called Firefly and it had nice violin music (I'm a violinist) so I clicked on that while I was reading the directions of how to add an RSS feed for my Bloglines account. Another co-worker helped me with the process when I got stuck. Firefly is now on my Bloglines and I only pray it is a good site, as I never got to listen to the speaking...

Murphy it's not wise to connect with things you are not sure of....

4th of July 2007 - Mount Rushmore Singers

Sing A Long!

Racing baby

Racing Baby